My Biography

Mehdi Khazaee born in Tehran, Iran on 29th of July 1979.

Playing guitar was the first step in my music life.

"Ghalbe Man" (My Heart), was my first song with lyrics and melody of mine and arrangement of dear Adel Zamani.

Soon after that I started to work with Saeed Ansar, Shervin Raadfar, Mohammad Dastjerdi, Ahmad Ebn-e Nasir and Babak Mafi.

Artists I have cooperated: Amo, Reza Shiri, Ali rahmati and Ms. Soofia.

Also I am honored of performing the movie song "Eighth Path" published on TV.

Today, made some changes in my music style, I am coopertaing with my dear friend Pedram Azad and producing several successful songs.

Love you all and thanks for all your supports. 💖💖